time:2019-09-02 21:34:55

Product name: chopping board

Product model: BS1907-CB

Main use: home use/outdoor/ hotel/kitchen etc

Product size355mm×240mm×8mm

Unit packing size356mm×241mm×10mm

Carton size:375mm×260mm×230mm

Product material: food grade PP

Product color:blue

Unit gross weight: 550.5g/pcs

Packagecardboard+heat shrinkable paper
delivery time: in stock




1. Choose suitable vegetable boards and live a healthy life.

2. Food-grade PP material, durable, corrosion-resistant, not easy to mildew, can withstand long-term use, not easy to damage;

3. Vegetable board surface grinding technology, anti-skid texture, more convenient and comfortable to use;

4. Hollow handle, can be directly suspended, easy to accept;

5. With it, you will find that you are only a good kitchen utensil apart from the kitchen fashionista.

Use precautions:

1. Please clean and dry the knife after using

2. please keep the chopping board far away from kids

Product status:

1. Most of the products on the page are in stock. If there is a shortage after placing an order, we will contact you within 48 hours after payment.

2. For large orders, consulting customer service first and then determining whether there is a stock, the delivery date after negotiation between the two parties shall prevail.

3. The product is taken in kind. Because of photographic technology and display factors, there are some deviations in color and size. The object is the standard.