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Name: The first vertical kitchen scissors in the world

Patent: New patent.   Patent NO.201920374729.3

Model: BS1908-J

Specification: 210mm kitchen scissors

Product dimension210mm×115mm×34mm

Packing dimension231mm×135mm×35mm

Scissors thickness3.0mm

Scissors material: 3.0mm

Handel material: food grad PP


Package: color box(up and bottom cover)

Delivery time: 55days


MOQ: 2000

Main Unique Characteristics of Scissors: Patented Product

1. Reduce or even completely do not let the shears contact with the ground, mesa, wall and other places, so that the scissors are kept clean and hygienic all the time;

2. According to the physical characteristics, the body of the scissors is upright, and the body of the scissors is not easy to retain water droplets and dregs, which plays a great role in anti-rust and corrosion, keeping the scissors clean all the time, durable and lasting sharpness;

3. Easy to take , greatly improving the use of scissors and convenient life.

4. The scissors are firmly upright on the table. The loose feel makes the scissors more comfortable than ever before, and they are more firm in use and are not easy to twist hands, which greatly improves the safety performance of the scissors when they are used.

5. Scissor hardware, which is almost to the end, can not be achieved by other structures at present. Because this can make the cutting body more stress, even if the cutting body is extremely hard object collapse, the cutting body will not hurt the hand. Compared with ordinary scissors, the safety performance is higher, which is also the safety requirement that other scissors want but do not have at present.

Use precautions:

1. Please clean and dry the scissors after using.

2. Do not cut food directly on kitchen tiles or tables.

3. Do not use any part of your body to carry the falling knives.

4. Do not test the sharpness of the blade with your fingers.

5. keep the knife away from kids

scissors’ maintenance:

1. knives for different purposes should be used separately. knives should not cut metal, wood and other hard goods.

2. After each use, the knife should be washed, wiped and smeared with cooked cooking oil, put in a ventilated and dry place, away from water sources and gas cookers, in order to prevent rust and damage. If macula occurs, it can be cleaned by stainless steel detergent or general toothpaste, and then wiped and stored with water. By the way, stainless steel can also produce macula when exposed to carbon monoxide gas.

Common problem:

Why are stainless steel knives/scissors magnetic?

The martensitic stainless steel is used to make knife and scissor stainless steel. Because the knife and scissors have the function of shearing objects, they must have sharpness and enough hardness. This kind of stainless steel has to undergo structural transformation through heat treatment. Only after increasing hardness can the cutter and scissors be made, but the internal structure of this type of stainless steel is tempered martensite, which has magnetic conductivity and can be attracted by magnets. Austenitic stainless steel has no magnetism, so it is not easy to explain whether it is stainless steel with magnetism or not

Sometimes there will be yellow spots after the tool is used?

Stainless steel, as its name implies, is stainless steel. The "stainless" here is relative to chromium steel. Stainless steel is not easy to rust, but it is not rusty. It is only easier to be corroded and rusted than carbon steel under the same conditions and environment. In order to prevent rust of stainless steel knives and scissors, we should not destroy the passive film on the surface of stainless steel knives and scissors, clean it as soon as possible after use, dry it and accept it, and try not to contact with acid, alkali, salt and other articles to prevent rust and macula.